Choosing Right Vanity for your Bathroom

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Bathroom is the smallest room in your house, and yet the most important one. Most people don’t want their bathroom to be just clean, but stylish yet comfortable. Bathroom being the smaller space, it is important that each area is filled with equipment that takes less space, is stylish and most of all is useful. Specially in Canada, weather is to be accommodated with design and comfort. So, it is important that you choose the right kind of vanity that fits perfectly in the small space.

Most people select the vanity that looks best in the showroom, but what’s important is that you should be able to figure out which vanity will look best in your bathroom.   It has been observed that most people are unaware of the latest trends. Noble Vanity’s showroom in Mississauga helps in educating  you about their right kind of vanity you should be choosing for your bathroom.  We are serving people from all over Toronto and GTA region.

For easy steps and better understanding of the vanity and its fitting in Canada, read on!

Choose the Right Size:

Noble Vanity Toronto: Choosing Vanity Guide
What you need to do fist is; get hands on your bathroom floor plan and the plumbing plan to guide you through the process of decorating or redecorating your bathroom.  You should have rough plan in your mind about where the vanity should go. Once you have decided what goes where, you need to take the measurements so that the vanity you choose fits in properly in your bathroom.  Below are some guidelines for measurements:


You need to take the height of the faucet and cabinets i.e.  ho high you want them to be. The height of the mirror i.e. at what height it should be placed and how long it should be.


See if the doors will be able to open properly given the small space in the bathroom.


See how deep you want your cabinets to be. They should be deep enough that your bathroom supplies should fit in but make sure they are not too wide as they might block the passage and contribute in making the bathroom look smaller than it already is.

Decide on the Number of Sinks

This majorly depends on how many sinks you need and how many sinks can be fitted in the bathroom without it looking overcrowded.   The maximum width you have in your bathroom means that there is more room for the sinks.  48 inches is the ideal and the most common threshold for two sinks. However, it is possible that you fit both the sink in lesser space, but make sure to 10 inch gap inn between so that the placement looks good.  In case you have a smaller space and still want two sinks in your bathroom, you can give your bathroom a nice look by purchasing sinks that are relatively smaller than the usual ones. There are many stylish designs of sinks in the smaller sizes, so get your hands on them!

Choose a Mounting Top

If you do not want a lot of hassle, it is suggested that you use the mounting option that matches the current vanity you have, so that you  do not have to re-do the plumbing lines and they are exactly where they are needed.

We at Noble Vanity  provide vast range of Premium Stones designs for mount tops. From Charcoal Black stone to Pearl White stone, we offer the best of the best stones for vanity’s tops.

You can chose from three main options of mounting:


Corner mounting takes less space and in many bathroom,  it is considered to be stylish, however, it is not a popular trend these days.


They are the most common and most stylish mounting options today. There is a range of foot styles available in the market. However, if you  have a small bathroom, it is suggested that do not get such a mounting, as it consumes more space than the others and the bathroom is bound to look more crowded with it.

Wall Mount

Wall mount is the perfect option if you have a small bathroom and you want it to look stylish. As it is mounted on the wall, the space underneath your sink contributes in bathroom looking less overcrowded. However, they offer les storage, given their cropped height.

Choose the type of Sink

Sinks are obviously the bathroom essentials that are attached with the vanity. The vanity comes in four main styles:

  1. Under mount: It has a seamless top and is installed under the counter.
  2. Drop in: The top is mounted so that its edges are rested on the counter, but the bowl is inset.
  3. Integrated: The countertop is indeed in the sink and the whole piece is continuous.
  4. Vessel: It sits on the counter top separately. It is available in variety of shapes which include a bowl and a square.

Decide What Kind of Storage you Want:


Having a vanity means that you will have more storage for your bathroom essentials and you will finally have a place to put everything in.

Before deciding the kind of storage you want, its important you look at the space and sizing and what exactly you want to store.  For example it will not be possible to accommodate three drawers along with the sink pipe.  You may have to mix match the drawers and cabinets. And you will have to decide if you want  to go solely with cabinets.


However, the most important part of home décor and renovation is that your home is a place where you feel most comfortable and whatever kind of décor you chose should not get in the way of your comfort. So, at the end of the day your vanity shopping and installation should be according to your choice and comfort.

We helped you with a few steps in choosing vanity for your bathroom. In the end, the choice is yours, our main objective was to help in the understanding the sizes and the fittings. Hope you had a good learning!







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