Bathroom Decoration Tips and Idea


Are you tired of walking into the same old bathroom? Do you dream of changing the look of your bathroom without spending much? Then you have come to the right place. Noble Vanity and More  have some great ideas for you that are inexpensive and are simple to pull off!

Improve your Lighting

The old florescent lighting and the lighting fixtures introduces unattractive shadows in your bathroom ad that dims your mood. Studies have shown that when lighting is paired with the right amount of effects and colors, it produces a larger and fresher look.

There is a range of affordable light fixtures available in the market. You can replace your out dated light fixtures and bring in the new classy ones to add a touch of modernism along with better brightness in your bathroom. Leave these electrical projects to the professionals, or if you are up for home improvement yourself, you can do it yourself!

However, if you cannot change your fixtures and old florescent lighting, you can always upgrade your bulbs and it will give you warmth and a bright light like a sunny day.

It is recommended that you get a combination of white light and yellow light, as it gives the perfect brightness in the bathroom, and not only will you be happy to see yourself in the mirror but the ambiance will enlighten your mood too.

The best light fixtures are the LED lights as they are the most energy efficient and they do not let your bathroom heat up.



Once you are done with changing the lights in your bathroom, the next step you need to take is upgrade your paint. Paint is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to upgrade your bathroom. What you need to do is pick light colors for the large areas like the walls and save the darker colors for the deep accents. The light colors will make your bathroom look more spacious.

The good news is that you can paint your bathroom with whatever color or shade you like, because gone are those days when you had to choose glossy paint to counter the moisture in the bathroom. The paints available today contain additives that do not allow it to corrode away even the moisture level is high in the bathroom.

So, choose a color that enlightens your mood. Moreover, you are advised to not only paint the walls but paint the cabinets too! Purchase semi-gloss paint or an eggshell and paint your cabinets. Give your bathroom the look you always wanted to have.  Try it different color combinations; yellow and orange for a funky bathroom, blue and green for a fresh look or simply add two shades of the same color to give it a classy look. We recommend mint color for a fresh yet classy look!

 Upgrade Your Hardware

Do you want a good change I your bathroom? Then don’t think twice about changing the hardware of your office.  You can change the drawers, cabinet handles, mirrors, towel bars and toilet paper holder.  There is a huge variety of toilet hardware out in the market and they are not even expensive. So choose the hardware of your choice from a favorite store and replace the old ones with the new classy ones.

You will see that with this small change you can change the whole look of your bathroom.  Replacing the old hardware with the new ones follows simple steps such as unscrewing the old screws a fixing the new hardware with new screws. Make sure that the size of the old and new screws is almost the same so that you do not have to make few holes in the walls of your bathroom.

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Upgrade Your Textiles

This is the part you will enjoy the most. After you are done with fixing and replacing things it is time that you decorate your bathroom with bathroom textiles.  This step is like adding the wrapping sheet and the perfect bow to the present that you have prepared.  It’s time to donate or throw your old and mismatched towels away. Go to the nearest shop and get yourself new towels t add to your bathroom. Bring towels that match with your bathroom color scheme, may it be printed or plain.

Apart from the towels you can add a floor mat to give a cozy look to your bathroom. The floor nat does not only give the cozy look but it is provides more comfort. You can stand in your bathroom bare feet without the fear of getting your feet wet.

Add a printed shower curtain matching with the paint, towels and the floor mat to add a touch of pop to your bathroom.

Accessorize Your Bathroom

Now it’s time to beautify your bathroom. You can add personality to your bathroom by adding some decorative items. These items will add a finishing touch to your bathroom and they will prove to be helpful too.

The items you can add to your bathroom may include the following:

  1. A matching waste basket for your bathroom disposal and to add to the look.
  2. A live plant if there is a source of sunlight in the bathroom to freshen up your bathroom visits. Orchids are the best bathroom plants. They love the humidity in a bright bathroom.
  3. Candles can be added to as a diffuser and for a nice scent. Scented candles are best known to be used when taking a long bath. So, they don’t only look great when displayed but they also provide a source of entertainment while taking bath.